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How to set a formal “pirated” Windows 10 version?

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You ever thought about what to look for “criminal” ways to activate Windows 10? Can you please, Microsoft took care about it. Apparently they realized that fight hackers who constantly broke up the operating systems company, pointless and there is no force. So the company went the other way. Microsoft’s new OS Windows 10 made so that it can be used free of charge, but with some restrictions. Company of Rjedmonda allows any user to download 10 free Windows and install the system without product key. I want to tell you how to do it and I will give some tips on how to bypass some of the restrictions.

How do I download Windows 10 and install it without an activation key?

We need an ISO image of the Windows 10. you can download it directly from Microsoft, and you don’t even need a product key to download a copy of the https://www.microsoft.com/uk-ua/software-download/windows10 system. Utility Media Creation Tool will help in this.

For media creation, select Create installation media to another computer and click Next.

Select the language naturally Windows 10 Pro (walking, so walk) and architecture, it is desirable to x 64.

Select the media to which the files will be written to the installation. If you choose the ISO file, you will need to specify a location to save it, if USB flash drive — select the appropriate device. All data on the USB flash drive will be deleted. After a few minutes you will have downloaded official version of Windows image 10.

If you are ready, simply start the installation process. Following the simple prompts, you install Windows 10, as usual. One of the first screens you see cheap windows 10 key will “activate Windows”, where you will be asked to enter a product key. However, you can simply click on the option “I don’t have product key” at the bottom of the window and Windows will continue the installation process. You may be asked to enter the windows 10 professional key purchase later in the installation process, but you miss the action.

Still a bit and Windows 10 will install successfully on your device.

And what’s wrong with this Windows 10?

After you have installed Windows 10 without a key, it actually won’t be activated. However, special restrictions in the use of inactivated Windows 10 No. Since Windows XP, Microsoft has used the famous tool for authentication key activate Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA). It seems that Windows 10 company refused to use it and was limited to only cosmetic ways.

From the beginning you almost don’t notice it. Everything works, everything is updated, all windows 10 professional key generator installed, works. With time in the lower right corner you will see a watermark-a warning that you must activate your Windows version 10. Remove or cut it is impossible. But to many it is unlikely to interfere with the work and the more distracting.

If you still decide to go into the settings, you will meet the below inscription “Windows is not activated. Activate Windows “.

I don’t think many often visit here and this inscription somehow will annoy you. If you click on a link, you will understand the essence of the second restriction does not activated Windows 10.

It refers to the ability to change the user interface and the appearance of your desktop and screen lock. You will not be able to change desktop screensaver,

Choose main color system and the taskbar. All the buttons are simply inactive.

Also you will not be able to change the picture of the lock screen, set the audio settings, mouse settings and arbitrarily place windows 10 professional key 64 bit icons on the desktop. In other words, the system itself will decide what and where to place the shortcut. Some did not even create, such as my computer.

What about? It turns out that the solution to the problem is and it is very simple. To bypass these bans should simply disable the network connection to the Internet. Then you get access to personalization. Can all change: wallpapers, themes, upload your image on the lock screen, change the sound settings and mouse, even shortcuts to post on its discretion. Then turn on the Internet and you will see that the system won’t fix anything.

But it will still be another way to change the desktop background. To do this, select an image from your collection to your PC, click the right mouse button, you will see the familiar “function to make the background image of the desktop. This possibility even unactivated Windows 10 has not blocked.
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In addition to these limitations, your system will operate normally. Of course occasionally will ask you to activate it, won’t be able to disable the privacy settings. But you don’t pay a dime.

And if I want to activate my Windows 10?

It is possible that over time, you might want to activate your favorite Windows 10. Microsoft cares about it. If you look at the point of Activation, you will find here an opportunity to either enter the product key, if you have, or simply buy the licensed version of Windows 10 in store.

By the way, a licensed version of Windows Pro Shop now stands 4 599 UAH. In Ukraine and 13 900 rubles in Russia.

It seems that the desire to maximize draw attention to Windows 10 has a special place in the strategy of Microsoft. They might be right, because if you can’t defeat your enemy (hackers), lead it. They are likely to do well at it.